President Joe Biden's and Nancy Pelosi's plan to pay for their $4.3 trillion spending proposal is to snoop in our bank accounts for any transaction over the amount they’ve decided themselves is problematic. It’s commonplace for Iowa families or business to have $10,000 in transactions, or even have this amount in their accounts, but this doesn’t give the government the right to know their financial information. Don’t forget, they initially wanted to know everything over $600

To put it plainly, the government doesn't need to know every time Iowans get paid or want to pay for groceries, electronics or rent. This is an unbelievable abuse of power. Weaponizing the IRS will create widespread distrust in our community credit unions and banks. How far does one administration have to go to invade your privacy? They plan to use this information to identify unreported taxable income. They are trying to use your money to increase the size of the IRS and fund their socialist policies.

I'd be hard-pressed to believe most Democrats have read everything in their spending packages. Yet, they want to know every detail about every time my family spends money.

I'm proud that U.S. Rep. Ashley Hinson is leading the charge in Congress with a bill to stop this massive government overreach and spotlight the Democrats' mixed-up priorities. With the growing list of issues that our nation faces, including a major safety and security crisis at the border, it's absurd that Biden and Pelosi would prioritize funding more IRS agents instead of more border patrol agents.

Victoria Freese

Chair Eastern Iowa Young Republicans

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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