Unfortunately, you're not done :(

You need to email the secretary, Deborah ([email protected]), with the following information:

(1) A high quality photo. Please see our team page for examples. I prefer square images, but will accept landscape.

(2) A platform. This can be simple as "I'd like to keep the membership lists up to date" or as complex as a whole page of ideas.



(1) You can request for the secretary to include your candidacy in one or more Iowa YR candidates emails (depending on demand). You will work with Deborah to write a professional, brief portion of an email. Depending on demand, she may send one per candidate or one per position, or if a whole slate, a single email. 

(2) You may request the delegate and state Central Committee member's information for campaign purposes. To do so, you should also email/attach a completed form (either PDF or Word)