When I was growing up, one of the first things my family taught me was the value of a dollar and what it means to earn it. But when I look at what’s happening in Washington right now, it’s clear to me that Democrats have no respect for the American taxpayer and the dollars we work hard for and send to the government.

As each day goes by, the Biden Administration and Nancy Pelosi introduce new trillion-dollar plans that will put our country into further and further debt and then hand taxpayers the bill. Many states haven’t even finished spending what they received in the federal COVID relief packages, and their multi-trillion dollar “infrastructure” plan proposed by Biden in March only would give about 6 percent to roads and bridges. This spending is just getting more ridiculous by the day, and we have to do something to rein in this spending to keep our taxes low.

I thank our Republican delegation from Iowa, including my new Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, for standing up to these ridiculous spending packages and fighting for Iowa’s taxpayers in DC.

Torri Freese

Chair - Eastern Iowa Young Republicans

Cedar Rapids, IA

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