Looking to run for state senate? Let's help you figure this path out together!  Here is a list of resources and information that will help you get going!  


Here are a few main details: 


What are the filing deadlines?

Here is a link to the election timeline

What are the fees for filing?


Where can I obtain/file nomination papers?

Nomination papers are available at the Secretary of State's Office and on its website. They are also available at county auditors' offices.

Nomination papers for federal and state offices must be filed with the Secretary of State's Office.

Nomination papers for county offices must be filed in the county auditor's office.

Nomination papers for school elections are filed with the appropriate school secretary.

Nomination papers for city offices are filed in the appropriate county auditor office.

Do my nomination papers have to be notarized?

Yes.  A candidate's affidavit of candidacy must be notarized. Nomination petitions do not need to be notarized


Do I need to file papers to be a write-in vote?



Where can I get more info!?  Visit Iowa.Gov and you will find all the resources you need on the requirements, how to run, and what is all involved in running!


Our resources are and Secretary Paul Pate's website here.

Alex Buchheit


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Iowa Young Republicans

Alex is a well-respected marketing expert in the state of Iowa.  His work has made a tremendous impact within companies and non-profit organizations

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