Vice Chair Candidate

Jordyn is from Illinois and graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019. In college she was an active member of Alpha Delta Pi, College Republicans, and Turning Point USA. Since graduating, she has put down roots in Ankeny and is heavily involved in Iowa politics.


Recruit members to organize and grow their local chapters.

  • Our chapters are the backbone of our organization. Without our groups we would cease to have a presence in the state. We must put an emphasis on recruiting young republicans. Many are surrounded by pressures to abandon their values and we must reach them and show them they don't have to apologize and renounce who they are. Showing young republicans and conservatives that they have the support and network to help should be a priority. 

Work to train our members to network, build leadership skills, and advance conservative interests in the state.

  • Many of our members have ambitions in the political scene and/or a thirst for building a name for themselves. I want to ensure all of our members have access to opportunities in their area available to them. I'd like to ensure Iowa Young Republicans are connected with / have a strong relationship with groups like: College Republicans, the Republican Party of Iowa, County Central Committees, Iowa Federation of Republican Women groups, and more. Having strong relationships with like-minded organizations is a benefit to everybody and ensures we will have a strong presence in the state. 

Help to elect local, state, and federal republicans.

  • As young republicans, it is our duty to help republican/conservative minded candidates win their races to ensure our values are being represented. This pandemic has taught us that local and state level elections are VERY important. With our local chapters, we can really make a difference in these areas. I'd also like to have a system to encourage our Young Republicans to run for office and be able to help them succeed. 

Ensure transparency throughout the organization.

  • It is very important to have transparency in our organization between state leaders and chapter leaders as well as our members should have information available to them. One idea I have is creating a sort of membership portal on our website where dues paying members can have access to chapter and state documents (I.e. the constitutions). I also believe our chapter leaders should be in contact with each other to bounce ideas around and grow together. I would like to facilitate a groupme or another option to be in contact with everybody so we are all on the same page. 

Get active and stay active. Protect our future.

  • At the end of the day, when you are not growing you're shrinking. We must be active in order to be successful. I would like to stress one important aspect as to why I am running for Vice Chair of Iowa Young Republicans. I believe we must have a strong force in Des Moines. Having a presence all over the state of Iowa is very important, but Des Moines is where the Republican Party of Iowa Headquarters, the State Capitol, and many of our sponsors are. We MUST have a well known leader there who is available to ensure representation at these key events and meetings that take place. 



Facebook: jordyn.arielle1

Twitter: @JordynAL716