How to register to vote

Looking to vote in Iowa 2022 elections!? First of all, thank you!  We appreciate that you want to exercise your right to vote!  Here are some things you need to...

How to run for state senate

Looking to run for state senate? Let's help you figure this path out together!  Here is a list of resources and information that will help you get going!    ...

The Iowa Constitution

Ever wonder what the Iowa Constitution says? Pretty interesting read!  Here are some great fun facts about the amazing document and some links to read to it! Iowa's first constitution...

Vote for our kids

Liz Mathis Puts Parents Last As a dad, nothing matters more to me than knowing my child receives a good education, especially after months of school behind a screen. My...

Iowa Caucus 2022

Iowa 2022 Caucus will be here before we know it! Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann is excited about this! “The Iowa Caucuses have always brought our two parties...

Why Liz Mathis will hurt America

Biden has shown his true colors since he became president. Coming as no surprise to the Young Republicans across the state. While we knew it was going to be bad....

Stop the assault on assault rifles

Voter ID is not voter suppression

Black Lives Matter: group vs phrase

Pledge requirement will benefit Iowa’s future

Alex is a well respected marketing expert in the state of Iowa.  His work has made a tremendous impact for organizations.

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Biden’s Looming Energy Crisis