After the recent shootings in Atlanta, Ga. and in Boulder, Colo., President Joe Biden and his party wasted no time in politicizing the tragedy. Sadly, we’ve seen this before. Politicians stand over the graves of victims and their families to push their radical gun control agenda.

What happened in Colorado was a terrible tragedy and we should work to make sure that it never happens again. Even now, gun control wouldn’t have stopped the shooting and it won’t stop any future shootings. Colorado already has a ban on large capacity magazines, extremely strict background checks and the Boulder shooter was on the FBI’s radar as a suspected terrorist. Even after all that they failed and he still got his hands on a firearm.

Why take away innocent people’s right to protect themselves? If someone in the store was lawfully carrying a weapon, they could’ve stopped the shooting.  One thing that we can start on with common sense gun reforms is permitting Constitutional Carry across the country like we are about to in Iowa. The Second Amendment was given to us for a reason; if you need permission from the government to purchase a firearm then you are missing the entire point. Democrats never cared about victims, they only care about controlling you.

The media was already jumping to conclusions on who the shooters were. They presumptively blamed this on white supremacists, but later details showed that the Boulder shooter was a Syrian refugee who came here under the Obama-era visa. He hated Trump, and allegedly had ties to ISIS. And the Atlanta spa shooter also was claimed to be a white supremacist raging a war against Asian Americans, but in actuality he was a mentally ill sex-addict targeting known sex workers in the area.

Now the media narrative is that they want to ban the AR-15. Why? Due to its looks. They don’t mention that almost all mass shootings happen with hand guns. Meanwhile Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, but on average at least 20 people are shot and killed in that city alone!

Let’s make one thing clear, the term “assault weapon” is a made-up term used by politicians to scare people. An “assault weapon” can be a baseball bat, a chair or any inanimate object. The main problem is that politicians wasted no time politicizing a tragedy to promote a political agenda, and because of the malice of one, we all must suffer the consequences. There is a Supreme Court case called DC v. Heller that specifically states that we have an inherent right to keep and bear arms. Our leaders want to strip us of our rights so they can’t step their bounds against us. Other countries are not so fortunate like we are, and if countries in Europe were as fortunate as us, communism would never have risen.



June 2021

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