Liz Mathis Puts Parents Last

As a dad, nothing matters more to me than knowing my child receives a good education, especially after months of school behind a screen. My heart breaks for the young kids in our country who still haven't gone back to in-person learning. But Liz Mathis voted against the measure that secured an in-person learning option for Iowa's students. If Liz had it her way, we'd probably still be sending our kids back to the Zoom classroom.

Parents should have a say in how and what their kids learn. I don’t trust Liz Mathis to be on the side of parents or our students. She will be on the side of Nancy Pelosi and DC liberals who think they know what’s better for kids than their own parents do. Liz Mathis won’t have my vote.

Alex Buchheit

Marketing Chair

Iowa Young Republicans

Alex is a well-respected marketing expert in the state of Iowa.  His work has made a tremendous impact within companies and non-profit organizations.


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