Biden has shown his true colors since he became president. Coming as no surprise to the Young Republicans across the state. While we knew it was going to be bad. We couldn't fathom it would be this horrific.

We are only starting to see how the outrageous government spending will affect each American household. We are only beginning to feel how the overpowering government threatens our freedoms. As their characters and priorities become more evident, their approval rating drops.

Sadly, not all Iowans can see the damage that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and supporting state senators like Liz Mathis have made. Support for the current administration is supporting the waste of our taxpayer's dollars, silencing the voice of parents in children's education, and forgetting state rights.

State Senators like Liz Mathis have voted to harm the best interests of their states. What makes us believe they will make the best decisions for our country?

2022 elections are coming up. Make sure you take the time to learn who is on the ballot. Vote for what is best for Iowa. Vote for what is best for America.


Alex Buchheit

Marketing Chair

Iowa Young Republicans

Alex is a well respected marketing expert in the state of Iowa.  His work has made a tremendous impact within companies and non-profit organizations.

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