Executive Board:

Chair: Victoria Freese

Vice Chair: John Freese

Secretary: Justin Wasson

Treasurer: Alex Buchheit


Email: [email protected]

The Eastern Iowa YRs host fun, family-friendly events, help elect Republicans and connect you with conservative legislators to make sure your voice is heard, no matter your age or current experience in politics.

The YR's mission is to recruit, train, and elect Republicans across the nation, from county supervisors to presidents. You can support us by becoming an associate member at any age, or get involved as a voting member (aged 18-40).

If you want to make a difference, join a worthwhile cause and help make America unified then become a member today! Click here to learn how you can join a Young Republican group!

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Alternate Methods to Donate:

Check Payable to: Eastern Iowa Young Republicans

Mail to: PO Box 10895 Cedar Rapids, IA 52410

Venmo: @easterniowayr (Identified account holder: John Freese, EIYR, Vice Chair)